Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Skepticality #091 - Skeptics Undercover - Kate Holden and Tiana Dietz visted The Discovery Institute (and so should you)! [Skepticality - Science and Revolutionary Ideas]

Posted: 02 Dec 2008 02:00 AM CST

Over the past several episodes, Skepticality has endeavored to showcase an eclecticÂrange of skeptical activism. Our recent guests haveÂoverwhelmingly agreed that everyone has something to offer â and that "activism"Âcomes in many flavors. This week, Derek & Swoopy talk with bloggers Kate Holden andÂTiana Dietz, who recently had an unorthodox adventure at theÂwell-knownÂIntelligent Design think tank The Discovery Institute.ÂTheseÂunapologeticÂrabble-rousersÂdiscuss the controversialÂtactics that took themÂwhere few skeptics have gone before.

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