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The Beach Boys Network

Re: A Vocal Group at the Top of Its Class...The Four Freshman [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 07:12 AM CDT

I've got a lot of their stuff, and I have great respect for their excellent work and their huge contribution to the Beach Boys' basic identity, but I've never entirely warmed to them since hearing their condescending and smarmy "Surfer Girl" skit from their live show in the sixties.  Obviously, like Phil Spector, they didn't feel flattered by the Beach Boys' vocal tributes to them, as in each case the student quickly surpassed the master.  I'm sure they wised up and changed their stance later since Brian Wilson became, at some point, their main claim to relevance.

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 07:04 AM CDT

Heroes and Villains from the first one LP concert was released on Endless Harmony.

Is that the dreadful 'Wonderbill'?

No "Wonderbill" is just "Wonderful" followed by "Don't Worry Bill", which is a song by the Flames.

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 07:04 AM CDT

Has the original seldom-mentioned Shut Down album (i.e., Volume 1) ever been re-released?  Seems like maybe there was a Japanese CD years ago.

Musically insignificant, but you can't get to 20 for 20/20 without that one...

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 06:58 AM CDT

Heroes and Villains from the first one LP concert was released on Endless Harmony.

Is that the dreadful 'Wonderbill'?

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 06:56 AM CDT

Heroes and Villains from the first one LP concert was released on Endless Harmony.

Re: Brian's [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 05:49 AM CDT

One thing that I've always wondered about. It implies that Brian and Tandyn Almer had sex, and that's the only time I've read that anywhere.

I havn't read Brian's book yet, but I know in the Gaines' book there is a story about how Brian was convinced that Marilyn wasn't satisfied so he tried to talk her into sleeping with Tandyn Almer, but then when he walked in on them actually doing it he was pretty upset.  But that would be the first I have ever heard anything about Brian and Tandyn.

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:58 AM CDT

I miss the Beach Boys In Concert - single album version that was compiled, but refused by Warner, 1973. There's a tracklist known of this album, and no recordings of this album were used for the double live LP that was releaased later that year. I think the only song from that unreleased live album is Heroes And Villains, but I can't remember right away on which comp. CD it was released. Anyone?

Btw, I think you can find information on this (and every other unreleased/non existing BB-album) on AGD's bellagio-site. I assume you checked that one out already?

TLOS To Be Streamed At 50 Gannett Newspaper and TV Sites [Smiley Smile Dot Net]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:53 AM CDT

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Music legend Brian Wilson and Capitol Records / EMI are partnering with Gannett for an exclusive premiere of Wilson's new album, That Lucky Old Sun. From August 22 to September 1, more than 50 Gannett newspaper and TV station websites, including, will exclusively offer full streaming audio of Wilson's new album before its September 2 release. The innovative promotion is the first of its kind for Gannett, which has never before partnered with an artist to offer an album premiere across its media Websites.

Visitors to select Gannett sites, including, 32 local Gannett newspaper websites and 19 local Gannett TV websites, will be able to listen to the full 38-minute album in sequence or skip ahead or back to individual tracks. The album will not be available for download from Gannett's sites, but the streaming audio player will link directly to to pre-order the CD, limited edition CD/DVD and digital album.

While it is fairly common practice for artists to offer promotional pre-release web streaming of new music, it is a unique arrangement to stream an album on newspaper and TV websites. For Gannett, this is an opportunity to deliver new music from a respected artist familiar to its core news audience. Top Gannett markets were chosen for the web streams, some because of the size of the market, others because of a large Brian Wilson fan base.

"Streaming a full album is a first for Gannett, so we are thrilled to be working with Capitol Records and a musician of Brian Wilson's stature to deliver music in a new way to our online audiences. This positions us well to expand our digital platforms while demonstrating the power of Gannett to deliver quality content across a network of websites," said Jim Lenahan, strategic development manager for Gannett's U.S. Community Publishing division.

Brian Wilson is one of popular music's most deeply revered figures, a legendary writer, producer, arranger and performer of some of the most cherished music in rock history. For the release of his new studio album, That Lucky Old Sun, Wilson has returned to Capitol Records / EMI, his original label home. The new album will be released on CD, limited edition CD/DVD, and digitally on September 2 (September 1 internationally). On August 19, the album is released as a limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP.

"This music is really special to me and I hope that everyone will enjoy it!," says Brian Wilson.

A musical love letter from Southern California, That Lucky Old Sun shimmers with sun-dappled choruses and arrangements that swell and swirl as if carried by the Pacific tides. Rolling Stone magazine has deemed it "Brian's strongest new work in years," and one of the album's songs, "Midnight's Another Day," has been described by MOJO magazine as "glorious." The album is narrated in transitional interludes spoken by Wilson as 'That Lucky Old Sun,' the storyteller. The narratives, cameos on life and the heartbeat of Los Angeles, propel the album's musical story.

Wilson describes That Lucky Old Sun as an "interwoven series of 'rounds' with interspersed spoken word," and as an autobiographical travelogue of sorts. The new studio album is produced by Wilson and was created with his acclaimed band at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, where he first recorded in 1962.

The new release is the dawning of a new California morning for Brian Wilson, continuing the awe-inspiring concept album journey that he first began four decades ago. Wilson's songwriting, arranging and producing talents came together in harmonious glory for The Beach Boys' 1966 classic, Pet Sounds, and have continued to evolve during his solo career, highlighted by his 2004 critically acclaimed Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE. Lyrically and in Wilson's incomparably lush, evocative arrangements, That Lucky Old Sun adds a new chapter to Wilson's conceptual presentations, reaching ever higher with his vibrant and moving autobiographical storytelling and intricate harmonies.

Following numerous nominations, Wilson won a well-deserved Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance (2004) for "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" and he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Last December, he was feted as a leading cultural icon by The Kennedy Center Honors alongside Diana Ross, Martin Scorsese, Steve Martin and Leon Fleisher.

Brian Wilson will tour with his band this fall, performing songs from That Lucky Old Sun and his classic hits. For more information, please visit

That Lucky Old Sun will be exclusively available for streaming between August 22 and September 1 on these Gannett websites:


Gannett Local Newspaper Websites:
Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Detroit Free Press
Indianapolis Star
Cincinnati Enquirer
Honolulu Advertiser
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Des Moines Register
Louisville Courier-Journal
Fort Myers News-Press
Asbury Park Press
The Desert Sun (Palm Springs CA)
Reno Gazette
Wilmington (Del.) News Journal
Cherry Hill (N.J.) Courier-Post
Greenville (S.C.) News
Florida Today (Brevard County)
Green Bay Press Gazette
The Journal News (Westchester
County NY)
Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader
Jackson (Miss.) Clarion Ledger
Sioux Falls Argus
Lafayette (La.) Daily
Pensacola News Journal
Salem (Ore.) Statesman Journal
Appleton (Wis.) Post Crescent
Burlington (Vt.) Free Press
St. Cloud (Minn.) Times
Newark (Ohio) Advocate
Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle-Gazette
Battle Creek (Mich.) Enquirer

Gannett Television Sites:
WUSA (Washington DC)
KARE (Minneapolis)
WCSH (Portland ME)
WLBZ (Bangor ME)
KTVD, KUSA (Denver);
WGRZ (Buffalo)
WZZM (Grand Rapids MI)
WKYC (Cleveland)
KXTV (Sacramento CA)
WATL, WXIA (Atlanta);
WLTX (Columbia SC)
WFMY (Greensboro NC)
WTLV, WJXX (Jacksonville FL)
WBIR (Knoxville TN)
KTHV (Little Rock)
WMAZ (Macon GA)
KPNX (Phoenix)
KSDK (St. Louis)
WTSP (Tampa-St. Pete)

After The Lucky Old Sun Sets [Smiley Smile Dot Net]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:52 AM CDT

Brian describes what he will do post Lucky Old Sun.

"We don't want any publicity about me getting back with the Beach Boys, cause I don't want to. They're not my group anymore. That's Mike and Bruce's group now. I'm on my own, and I would rather do that than go back to the Beach Boys," he says.

After "That Lucky Old Sun," Wilson says the unreleased songs he recorded, including a slow, smooth version of "Proud Mary," will form another album. He gushes that "the only person I really want to work with is Paul McCartney." He would also like to record "a rock 'n' roll album inspired by Phil Spector's type records, a really hard rock album that really rocks, with big orchestration, the whole bit."

"I look forward to today," he said. "I never look forward to the future because I think to myself, 'What if there's an earthquake, what if I die or someone I love dies?' I get those kind of thoughts all the time. It's 'oof' to my head."

 blog it

Re: That Lucky Old Sun - iTunes preorder + Bonus tracks [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:29 AM CDT

Well yes I am a bit confussed Tongue But only because I am a bit annoyed that I bought the album (with the DVD) and then I found out there are all of  these different versions with bonus tracks!!

I never understood why people preorder anyways.  Especially stuff like this... all you have to do is the day it comes out, drive to the store and buy one.  It's not going to sell out the first day.  There's always extra stuff if you buy it at certain stores... so why preorder?  It's even cheaper to buy it at best buy than to order it. 

Now the Vinyl I can kind of understand, it might be hard to find, etc etc but a cd?  They're everywhere!

Well in Australia a lot of stuff ain't out in stores when it first comes out. The Dennis CD was only available if you ordered it in for example.

Re: If you could bring a dead rock star back to life [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:25 AM CDT

If GG Allin was brought back to life for one gig, he would die in the middle of the gig.

Hehe - you are perfectly right. He had a death wish for sure. I always wondered about the mental condition of the people who stood in the first rows at his concerts... I bet they suffered from various forms of paraphilia.

Re: Brian's mental history [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:23 AM CDT

Call me Ishmael, but after reading this thread I feel like I am a psychiatrist myself.

Re: Brian's \ [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:21 AM CDT

So.... Murry didn't actually make Brian merda on a newspaper?

I think he did. I recall reading it in numerous other places. Perhaps also in the Tom Nolan serialized articles for Rolling Stone? And did Noland 'borrow' the anecdotes from David Leaf? Don't know, hey Doe!

If I am right in the autobiography Brian compares this episode as: 'my Dad virtually raped me' or something to that effect. Now that is psychobabble that he himself never would've written, he's too much of a literal thinker and not a Freudian at that. That must be Landy talking.

Re: Is There A Reason Why...(SMiLE Related)? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:16 AM CDT

Cool Cool Water, a Wild Honey outtake, would have fit nicely on Friends - like next to Diamond Head?

Completely agree. You are a man of exquisite taste.

BTW: it took me some time to figure out what TWOTS stands for, comrade...

A Vocal Group at the Top of Its Class...The Four Freshman [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:15 AM CDT

Some paper called 'The Wall Street Journal'  Grin

A Vocal Group at the Top of Its Class
August 20, 2008; Page D9

Widely known for basketball, the Indy 500, and a plethora of covered bridges, Indiana also proudly claims The Four Freshmen as its own. The legendary vocal/instrumental group will celebrate its 60th anniversary at a reunion, sponsored by The Four Freshmen Society, of band members past and present -- there have been 23 lineups to date -- at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre, Aug. 21 to 23. Commemorative concerts continue to air across the country during PBS fund-raising drives, and a highlight of 2008 will be the Freshmen's Oct. 25 performance before Russian fans at the prestigious Great Hall of the Moscow Performing Arts Center.

 Although not the first successful vocal group, The Four Freshmen was, without question, the most innovative. Inspired by Artie Shaw's Mel-Tones with Mel Torme, as well as by The Pastels, a five-voice group with Stan Kenton, the Freshmen soon developed their own unique style of harmony -- singing a five-part sound with four voices and playing instruments as well. Every vocal group that followed -- except for those that sang with no or minimal chord structure -- was influenced by the Freshmen, including The Lettermen, Manhattan Transfer, Take Six, the Beatles and the Beach Boys. (At The Four Freshmen's Jan. 14 performance at Palm Desert, Calif.'s McCallum Theatre, I sat in the audience next to the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson -- one of the Freshmen's most enthusiastic fans, who listened to their records as a teenager and wanted to emulate their unique sound in his arrangements.)

The close harmony of this unique quartet had its genesis at Butler University's Jordan Conservatory in Indianapolis, when Hal Kratzch, along with Don Barbour and his brother Ross, formed "Hal's Harmonizers." In an interview at his home in Simi Valley, Calif., Ross Barbour recalled that "we tried a few lead singers, but it was only after our cousin Bob Flanigan, with his strong high voice, joined the group that we started getting that Freshmen sound." The four went on the road in 1948 as The Toppers, but the name was soon changed to The Four Freshmen. (Both Ross Barbour and Bob Flanigan, the only survivors of that quartet, received honorary doctorates at Butler this May.)

Stan Kenton heard the Freshmen in March 1950 at the Esquire Lounge in Dayton, Ohio, and gave them their first big break by introducing the group to his own recording label, Capitol Records. The Freshmen had developed their trademark sound by structuring chords much like the trombone section of Kenton's own band, and Mr. Barbour maintains that the success of one of their biggest-selling albums, "Four Freshmen and Five Trombones," can in a large way be attributed to Pete Rugalo, the arranger the quartet and Kenton shared.

The Four Freshman's signature tune is "It's a Blue World Without You," released in 1952, a song that continues to send chills up and down the spines of audiences as soon as the first a capella chords resound. But the Freshmen gained their first national exposure when they appeared on CBS's "Steve Allen Show" on Christmas Day in 1950, and their popularity lasted not only through the decade that later gave birth to rock 'n' roll but into the mid-1960s -- the era of Bob Dylan and the Beatles -- and beyond. Despite this generational change, the Freshmen continued playing universities around the country and, according to Mr. Barbour, "the multitude of college kids remained loyal fans."

Over their 60 years of performing throughout the U.S. and abroad, the Freshmen have recorded some 45 albums and 70 singles, and have received numerous honors, including six Grammy Awards. Down Beat magazine awarded the quartet the Best Jazz Vocal group honor in 1953 and again, 57 years later, in 2000, an example of the quartet's timeless appeal. The present lineup placed No. 1 in this same category in the 2007 JazzTimes Readers Poll.

"The Four Freshmen have endured for the simple reason that they are top in their class," said Charles Osgood, anchor of "CBS Sunday Morning," when a profile of the group aired in August 1994. Steven Cornelius of the Toledo Blade put it this way in April 2005: "There is no Dorian Gray youth potion at work, just a healthy retirement system." When a member leaves, he is replaced with an equally talented musician.

The present lineup of this multifaceted, ultratalented quartet of vocalists and instrumentalists now comprises Vince Johnson, baritone, playing bass and guitar; Bob Ferreira, bass voice, playing drums; Brian Eichenberger, lead voice, playing guitar and bass; and Curtis Calderon, singing second part, and playing trumpet and fluegelhorn. Although the other three Freshmen joke about it, Mr. Johnson accompanies his bass with some of the best whistling since Bing Crosby.

Bob Flanigan -- introducing the current quartet on their recent DVD, "The Four Freshmen Live From Las Vegas" -- vows that "this group is the best Four Freshmen of all time." On the DVD, Mr. Flanigan, reflecting on his 44 years with the Freshmen, remembers all the "Bad roads . . . Bad food . . . Good and Bad Hotels . . . and millions of air-miles in DC3s to 747s."

Long live The Four Freshmen. May they never graduate!

Mr. Smith writes about jazz and the big-band era for the Journal.

Re: HDCD-encoded versions - how are they? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 04:11 AM CDT


Mysterious but much appreciated.

Now: I am sad that in the turmoil of recent years, SACD did not make it (looks like it at any rate). To me, the system seems to have no disadvantages at all, only advantages. Hi-resolution, backwards compatible, better sound, and cheap to manufacture. Stupid that DVD-A and later all that silly internet downloading stood in its way.
What do you think?

Re: HDCD-encoded versions - how are they? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 03:41 AM CDT


Re: HDCD-encoded versions - how are they? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 03:39 AM CDT

5. Most of Joni Mitchell's wonderful 1970s albums were mastered in HDCD a few years ago but only available as such in the USA. Here in the UK we've only had the crappy 1980s issues. This has necessitated several transatlatic trips to collect them - but well worth it. Hejira in HDCD is something else.
This is off-topic, but the original unremastered Hejira CD (mastered by Stephen Innocenzi) is an amazing disc and blows the HDCD remaster away, in my opinion. (The Same ist true for For The Roses).
Blimey - that's certainly not my experience, but your opinion has as much value as mine!
As I said I've had an HDCD-enabled player for a number of years so this could have a bearing. Generally though, most of the Warners remasters I've heard recently (such as Paul Simon's - not HDCD) sound significantly better than the 1980s versions. But I guess it's subjective.

MASH was Technics' version of 'Bitstream' (or DSD), a 1-bit streaming DAC developed by Philips in the late 1980s. But that's just another way of decoding the 16-bit stream. As I said above, HDCD actually ups the ante to 20-bit.

I'm also baffled as to how Microsoft can reap the benefit of this in PC hardware, as most of the associated bits are, as we say here, cheap as chips - and primarily designed to deal with compressed music files such as MP3 - the opposite end of the audio scale from HDCD (and higher resolution formats like 24/96).

Now obviously way off topic but we've all got to listen to this music on ... something!

Re: Dennis playing organ on 'Good Vibrations' [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 03:34 AM CDT

They're not touch-sensitive. You play the notes and they sound or they don't. Period.

I disagree.  Good music is not as boolean as you are suggesting at all - not on organ or any other instrument.  Delay, Timing, and what you don't play are big parts of it.  A part like that section of GV might be played dorky or great on a given performance (and both takes might be technically correct).  In fact, the dorky take might be technically more correct.  Soul and feel are always a part  of artistically sucessful rock or jazz.  That's why Miles Davis always got frustrated when he tried playing with great classical players.  He would try to explain to them, when they would just play the song to technical perfection.  "No, No  you've got to play something that's like the song, but different." - and they would just not be able to figure that out or know what to do.

Re: AP BW TLOS story [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 02:35 AM CDT

What does 'oof' to my head mean? Seems like an odd way to end the article.

He came up with the album's lush orchestration and music, while 43-year-old bandmate Scott Bennett scribed the lyrics It must be hard for the other members of Wilson's band when interviews only credit Wilson, with things which were presumably gvvv34

Edit: Sorry my 2 year old comandeered the keyboard halfway through that post! Was going to say, presumably several of his bandmates helped with the orchestration, so must be frustrating for them when Wilson is given, or claims all the credit in these interviews. Must be even harder for Bennett when he is just credited as lyricist when he obviously did so much more? I guess it's what they signed up for to a certain extent.

Re: Brian's [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 01:24 AM CDT

I read Brian's "autobiography" when I was first getting into the Beach Boys, so naturally I had no idea about the circumstances surrounding it.  I suppose if nothing else, it made me curious enough to pursue my growing BB interest further; most notably, it made me want to hear the Smile tracks. 

Knowing what I know now about Brian, it becomes clear that the book isn't really in his voice.  It's almost as if they tried to tell Brian's story from the voice of an early-20's Brian (who was obviously quite the verbiose guy at the time), but it doesn't ring true if you know what Brian is like.  Some of the stories from the early days seem believeable enough, as there are several details that only Brian would have known.  But once we get into the first Landy era, it really does just seem like a Landy puff piece. 

Not that he really has any motivation to do so, but I would love more than anything for Brian to write a REAL autobiography.  No co-writer, just Brian's own words.  It'll never happen, but how cool would that be?

Exact same way I became a fan. And yeah, that's a great idea.

One thing that I've always wondered about. It implies that Brian and Tandyn Almer had sex, and that's the only time I've read that anywhere.

Re: If you could bring a dead rock star back to life [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 01:14 AM CDT

If GG Allin was brought back to life for one gig, he would die in the middle of the gig.

Re: Every original-material Beach Boys album - any missing? [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 01:03 AM CDT

Argh, take Remember the Zoo off that list! It's not a Beach Boys album!!!

Re: AP BW TLOS story [Smiley Smile Message Board]

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 12:58 AM CDT

Brian has a certain way with words, too... so literally anything he's talking about can be both hilarious and pathetic at the same time. 

1 CENT CD: Brian Wilson 'Smile' 2004 NICE ["brian wilson"]

Posted: 19 Aug 2008 11:36 PM CDT

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