Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Cancer Myths Debunked [SciScoop Science Blog]


There are many myths about cancer and its causes. For instance, environmental factors are not the big risk many people assume while established risk factors, such as drinking alcohol are ignored. The first global survey on the topic of cancer misconceptions was published today by Roy Morgan Research and Gallup International on behalf of the International Union of Against Cancer (UICC).

Dawkins, Fart of God [SciScoop Science Blog]


"Hah hah you f**king dumb*ss, I hope you get hit by a church van tonight and die slowly" "I hope you die slowly and you f*cking burn in hell you damned blasphemy and you should realize that your entire life has been a delusion" "Your destiny is all f*cked up you f*cking atheist" "Go f*ck yourself, you sir are an absolute *ss" "Your famed intelligence is nothing more than the fart of god" "You suck, go burn in hells" Just some of the wonderful fan emails received by Professor Richard Dawkins, from which he reads in this great clip.

Intelligent Molecular Design [Sciencebase Science Blog]

Posted: 27 Aug 2008 01:00 PM CDT

Alchemist LogoFirst up in The Alchemist this week is a tale of reactions where size really does matter! News of why “non-smokers cough” emerges from the American Chemical Society meeting this month and a new physical process has been revealed by NMR spectroscopy of frozen xenon atoms that could provide a chaotic link in quantum mechanics back to Newton’s era. Biotech news hints at a novel way to flavour your food and Japanese chemists have made a gel that undulates like intestinal muscle. Finally, this week’s award goes to my good friend AP de Silva of Queen’s University Belfast for his highly intelligent work in the development of market-leading sensor technology and intelligent molecules.

You can grab the complete headlines and abstracts in the latest issue of The Alchemist on ChemWeb (just in case that link is not live right when this post posts, The Alchemist homepage is here.


Intelligent Molecular Design

Orion and Sirius visible before dawn in August [Earth & Sky Podcast]

Posted: 27 Aug 2008 04:08 AM CDT

August 27, 2008. As seen from around the world at this time of year, the constellation Orion the Hunter rises in the east in the wee hours before dawn.

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