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Because I’m not always a fast learner, but I’m still learning [Personal Training NYC ClientI]

Posted: 13 Jul 2008 11:05 PM CDT

So lately it seems like things are clicking away really naturally.  When I started working out with Terri, I was preoccupied all the time with food.   When I next got to eat it, what it would be, whether a food was “good” or “bad,” etc etc.  And for me, really, this was nothing new.  I had a long history of food being lots of things other than nutrition, and changing that was super scary.  So really, I think it got worse before it got better.  But lately, something has shifted just a little bit, just enough, and suddenly I’m not so preoccupied.  And it’s made me realise how much space food was taking up in my life, and how much more room there is now for other things.   Amazing.

Because you have to come back from vacation sometime [Personal Training NYC ClientI]

Posted: 07 Jul 2008 07:53 AM CDT

Part sun-filled adventure, part deep dark threat to one’s diet: the unexpected last minute vacation.

So, I’ve been away from home and away from training for a week.  On vacation. With friends.  I know it’s sounding worse and worse for the diet, but it actually wasn’t that bad.  I made good on my promise to Terri that I would take my workout clothes, and also actually put them on and (gasp) worked out twice while I was away.  It wasn’t the thought of all that refreshing exercise (because I just don’t have thoughts like that, sadly), but rather the thought of how much harder it would be to get back to working out if I took the whole week off from it.  I was pretty careful with my diet as well, and surprise, the vacation was still fantastic.  Weird.  Go figure.  The best part?  The numbers on the scale actually  came down a bit!  Yeah, so I’m starting to think that maybe there’s something to this whole healthy eating and exercise thing…

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