Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Spliced feed for The Science Network

Japanese Nobel Prize Winner [SciScoop Science Blog]


Canadian biologist Anthony Pawson has been awarded the 'Japanese Nobel Prize' for research that lead to new cancer treatments. Molecular biologist Dr. Anthony Pawson is among this year's winners of the Kyoto Prize, an international award given annually by Japan's Inamori Foundation to "honor those who have made significant contributions to the scientific, cultural and spiritual development of humanity."

OLED-Info interview with Elijah Ebo, Manager of Product Division at Densitron [SciScoop Science Blog]


Densitron is a display reseller, and Elijah discusses their OLED products, how they fare against LCDs, what he thinks about the future of those displays, and also their soon-to-be-released 7" panels...

Hinode space telescopes study sun [Earth & Sky Podcast]

Posted: 28 Jul 2008 04:07 AM CDT

The Hinode mission is going to tell us much about how the atmosphere of the sun is produced and how it evolves, says solar physicist George Doschek. Hear more about Hinode, a space observatory pointed at our sun.

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